1. "THESE STREETS" (Baltimore Street Art Film)

    In a rapidly vacating city, street art makes Baltimore beautiful.

    We will establish street art as a sub culture and focus on two characters in the Baltimore wheat pasting scene with additional footage of supporting voices. Many street artists in Baltimore are interested in the various effects of street art, ranging from beautification/gentrification of an area to simple public egotism. By analyzing the different types of street art through the eyes of wheat pasters, we will look at how street art has changed Baltimore neighborhoods, as well as legal versus illegal postings and what effects they have on a community.

    Credits: Clary Estes, Gabe Dinsmoor, and Alice Richard filmed, directed and produced. Clary Estes edited the video. Street artists NETHER, JEROME, and GAIA participated in the making of this documentary. The music was composed by 6th Sense.

    Gabe Dinsmoor: http://dinsmoorphoto.visualsociety.com/

    Gaia: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaiastreetart/

    Nether: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nether_street_art/

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