1. This series was intended to spark the imagination of the viewer and allow
    them to explore the idea of what lies behind a door and the numerous
    possibilities that can take place. I have taken photographs of doors from
    my travels across the world and strategically placed them in locations
    where they are enhanced by the surrounding environment.

    Half way through this set I traveled to Cairo, Egypt where I planned to
    paste the remaining five photos in the series. Given the go ahead by a few
    onlookers, I proceeded to paste a photograph on a very busy street in
    downtown Cairo. This was met by many suspicious eyes some of whom order the
    picture to be taken down. As I peeled the freshly pasted picture from the
    wall a group of thirty or so aggressive men gathered and quickly began
    asking; what type of propaganda I was spreading, to present my passport to
    prove my citizenship and what was the purpose of my travels to Egypt. As
    this crowd grew both in size and aggression, they started to question what
    was on my camera and even began to grab my belongings. I quickly realized
    that this was trouble and darted across the street, rounded the corner
    where a fast stride turned into a dead sprint to my hotel room. As soon as
    I entered the room, I promptly tore up my photos, got rid of my stickers
    and deleted all my photos related to this incident. So, long story short,
    here are ten pictures, none of them in Cairo.

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