1. Wall Hunters presents: The Slumlord Project 


    We will use large, uncommissioned street art pieces to expose and publicize vacant and derilict housing and the parties responsible for its conditions. The pieces aim to draw attention to specific properties whose owners have the means to improve the vacants but haven’t. Art installations will span across Baltimore’s 14 districts. Next to the pieces, we will incorporate QR codes that link to online data (on the Slumlord Watch website), from which community members may learn about the housing and safety code violations on the property and about the owner responsible for the property’s decline. In addition to the QR codes, on the doors of the properties we will post text detailing the specific property violations and ownership information. Diving deeper into the issue, we will be joining forces with filmmakers whose film is being made to stimulate a conversation between community members and artists on the issue of Baltimore’s overwhelming vacancy problem. The ultimate objective is to increase community, government, and public pressure to remedy the problem of vacant property in Baltimore City while promoting and recording the reaction of many individuals to street art aimed at visual improvement of vacant properties and general public benefit. 

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