1. "Trip" is vjsuave’s new short movie. A spiritual journey in search of self-knowledge, conscience and love. This short movie was produced independently and recorded during vjsuave’s residency at "Shiny toys Festival" in Germany. 
    Vjsuave is Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, a new media art duo based in Sao Paulo, as specialists in moving projection they create movies that are poignant, warm and personal, crafted from hand-drawn media, transformed into digital animation then projection-mapped in a way that seems to bring streets alive. Characters walk across the landscape with a convincing blend of movement and real moving projections.
    a film by vjsuave
    animation: Dante ZaballaJuli Perez, vjsuave
    character design: Ygor Marotta
    photography: vjsuave
    Sound: Bmind
    Special thanks: Jan Ehlen, Jerry Jerome, Alexandra Zimmer, Yochanan Rauert, Daniel Derg, Bjorn Samson, Cristiana Faria

    Shiny Toys Festival
    Mülheim an der ruhr
    Germany 2013

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