1. What to Post on Streetsy

    What to Post on Streetsy:

    1. Great, amazing, memorable pictures or videos of streetart and graffiti. Please use the text-box below the photo or video selector and write a few sentences about why the photo or video is significant.
    2. Spectacular, newsworthy, and super-interesting streetart links that you found around the web (at graffiti sites, in the newspapers, etc.) For instance, you can quote a great interview with an artist you love, and include a link to the interview.
    3. Anything that you genuinely believe people will want to read about and that they haven’t seen before.

    What not to Post on Streetsy:

    1. A lot of your own pieces. Just post one, please- a lot of people will spam the site with 15 posts and they’re a pain to delete.
    2. Routine street-art photography. We love streetart pictures! Please add them to the Streetsy photo pool on Flickr. But that’s not what the front-page of Streetsy is for- the front page is for super-newsworthy and interesting pieces. So, if you discover a new Banksy or Swoon, by all means please post it here. But if you just want to share some pix you took in Williamsburg or the East End, please use the Flickr group, and post just the best one or two to the front page.
    3. Pictures without captions: please, if you post, include a few sentences describing why the piece is important! If you just post an image with no words, we’ll often delete it.
    4. Long-videos: please, try to keep your videos to under 3 minutes!
    5. Advertising or invites gallery shows: this stuff is sometimes okay, but please email us first to check.